We area ascending!

MFC Life Coach Course Testimonials

“This session was important to me I needed to hear it I learned a lot of things from it for example, the law of attraction I really did not under stand it until I took this class I learned in this session that there lies a strong power with in us the power of the universe ad that power is impartial and unemotional and it is unlimited the universe will give you anything you believe in but there a few rules you must follow you have to be specific with the universe it does not know reality from fiction you have to practice a emotional, physical, and mental balance with in your self. you also have to visualize a higher purpose.” [MFC Spring 2016]


“I am so glad that I was led to this program. It has had a great impact on me in my daily life. I look forward to continuing to grow and to establishing a thriving, prosperous coaching practice. I am and will continue to ascend. Thank you.” [MFC Spring 2014]


“This was only the first module and already see what I can incorporate into my life on a daily basis and what I need to let go of. Thank you again for allowing me to participate in this amazing program.” [MFC Fall 2014]


Dayna Lynn Teaching Astrology


“All the sessions have been amazing, but this one in particular has blown my mind. I get downloaded occasionally with wisdom, insight & information and I’m truly gratefully for the awareness and the giftings. This session has sent my arrow into orbit. I have truly experienced the “Power of 1 Ness” these last couple of days even before I tuned into the blog cast. The information that has been downloaded in me has me on a “High” that’s only attainable through Divine encounters.” [Spring 2014]


“What I took from this session is that we all have a commonality that transcends gender and lifestyle, which if we are good at listening, we can garner tools that can be used in each of our individual journey’s as a Life Coach, or in our own daily lives.” [MFC Fall 2011]


“I saw myself in each and every life coach in the room. I became excited as I watched myself and learned more about myself. Images of me that I love and areas that I want to improve. The energy in the room was so great. When I saw myself show up as a “mother” which I have never experienced before, I became overjoyed and realized healing was in the room. Later in the teaching I learned this was called Mirroring.” [MFC Fall 2011]
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