Team Master Force

Team Master Force

MushemsutRita Stewart was gifted the name “Mu Shemsu-t” by a Spiritual Priestess in the early 90s. The name means, “she who follows god in Divine Essence.” This name was quite fitting as she retired in her early 40s from the Technology Industry, to commit to her desire of being a writer and public speaker in the field of Life Coaching. As the Owner and Founder of Master Force, a Coaching, Training and Consulting company, she has certified over 100 Life Coaches utilizing her metaphysical curriculum. Mu Shemsu-t and her family lived in Iowa for 10 years, where she attended college and also served as the Minority Affairs Advisor, supporting students from under resourced communities in completing their college education at Westmar College in LeMars, IA. While hiking exotic mountains in Egypt, Peru, Mexico, Jamaica, France, Italy and the Virgin Islands, the author has a rich landscape of adventures, culminating in amazing relationships, projects and opportunities. There is also the mother’s joy reflected, as well as grandmother’s treasures. Mu Shemsu-t currently travels the world conducting workshops, seminars, speaking engagements and live coaching sessions on behalf of Master Force.


Iccha Devi Ra – MFC Executive Coach

Iccha Devi Ra is a multidimensional talent known as the Alkhemist Daughter, she is a self trained vegetarian chef that brings both refinement and whimsy to fine local organic and sustainable ingredients much to the delight of her exclusive clients. She is also an artist, and her primary means of artistic expression is through her work as an independent and personal vegetarian chef.

When asked about her work Ms. Ra states the following,“My goal is to take the freshest and loveliest ingredients and elevate them by treating them with respect. I create custom meals and events in my client’s homes, my home and other lovely and exclusive venues all around the Chicago-land area. I am also the author of a vegetarian cookbook and an entertaining book that I am in the process of self publishing.”

Chef Iccha also provides cooking instruction that inspires and enlightens her students, ultimately encouraging them to venture into the kitchen and create beautiful meals for themselves and the ones that they love.


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Alanda Gregory – MFC Executive

A Multi talented author, writer, speaker & professional on a mission! CEO of The Phoenix Group and Echelon Coaching, Alanda Gregory is a Master Force Certified Coach that specializes in Entertainment and Business Consulting.

Alanda has learned the entertainment business as well as taken her past experience as a business professional, writer, author, Life coach, an actress, a former radio host, to creative services tailored to the creative professional. Alanda is an entertainer open to understand the needs of the professional.

Alanda is driven to excel in the business and as a Life Coach. A healthy self image, positive public relations and promoting vision is her primary focus.

In fall 2014, Alanda launched her own Master Force curriculum inspired course, The Genius Protection Plan. The GPP is a course designed to assist professionals in the creative visualization process to manifest a business or personal goal.

Alanda returned to her passion of writing in 2014 & published her first book on Amazon Kindle “The Harvest” a chronicle account of Fictitious Detective Horace Eberlee. ” Alanda also released a collection of her poetry and a self help workbook.


greg stanton

Gregory Stanton –  MFC Executive Coach

Gregory A. Stanton, MA is the founder and CEO of Catalyst Coaching, Counseling and Consulting LLC. He is a Christian Transformational Life Coach whose specialty is empowering individuals to achieving their desired results now, towards experiencing a more powerfully authentic life!
He has uniquely developed his skills to provide services via telephone and Internet, in addition to face-to-face services.
With over 30 years of experience as Pastoral/Christian Counselor and Coach, he is currently serving as a Personal Transformation Coach working with a broad spectrum of individuals. He is a graduate of Masterforce Coaching.
He recently created as part of his personal transformation and transition from organized church “Catalyst Center of Personal Transformation”. A place that embraces individuals from every walk and expression of life. A very inclusive community of individuals seeking to be transformed Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. In a quest to live a more Powerfully Authentic life!
Among his areas of expertise are African American Male and Female relationships, pre-marital coaching, divorce, grief, addiction, recovery management, wealth acquisition and spiritual development.
In addition to being a prominent spiritual coach & counselor, he is in high demand both nationally and locally as presenter on a variety of topics and issues pertinent to his client base. He is frequently booked for on site training and workshop at educational institutions, professional, and faith-based organizations.


QS Thompson

Qiana Thompson – MFC Executive Coach

Qiana Thompson MA, NCC, LPC & Master Force Certified Life Coach, is the Founder of Holistic Harmony Inc. a solution focused therapy agency with a 100% satisfaction in building passionate quality relationships. We don‘t counsel you; we cultivate you!

Qiana’s philosophy for her practice is based on her faith and the service she expect from herself. “The godly offer good counsel; they know what is right from wrong. They fill their hearts with Gods law, so they will never slip from his path,” (Psalms 37:30). Due to her passion and boldness for developing healthy emotional wellness for both women & couples, she has been coined the “Intimacy Therapist.”

Qiana is also a counselor, life coach, author, facilitator, motivational speaker, wife, & mother of 3.


Timothy Glenn

Timothy Glenn – MFC Executive Coach

Since the age of 11, Timothy has asked the question, ‘why’. Whether it was why he had to perform a task a certain way or why people believed what they believed, he desired to understand the mechanism behind the belief. This deep curiosity led him on a path to discover what life, love, and happiness was truly about. Like the majority of individuals, Timothy’s path of discovery began in the religious arena. This is where he was instructed that all the answers to his questions about life could be found. At the age of 15, Timothy became a youth minister and placed himself in the position to receive mentorship from his church elders. He studied hard and was known for his undying inquisitiveness. Although Timothy achieved respect amongst his peers, his penetrating questions about life had yet to be answered. Therefore he decided to attend the American Baptist College, Moody Bible Institute, and later Jacksonville Theological Seminary, in which he received his degrees in Theology and Education and obtained his PhD in Christian Psychology.
Timothy had three degrees, yet he still felt that there had to be something more. He began to notice that although people had their respective religions they still lacked one important aspect, joy. He knew this because he himself lacked joy. He then decided that he needed to search outside the walls of religion. Thus, his journey of spiritual enlightenment began.During Timothy’s quest he discovered that the lack of joy and the void in people’s lives stemmed from the judgmental thoughts they had toward themselves and toward others. In other words, people were deficient of love. [Love of self and love of others.] This very love is the reason he founded the Leadership Institute for Transformation and Empowerment (L.I.T.E.) along with his wife Jiquay Glenn. L.I.T.E., located in Jackson, Tn., is a community, based organization that focuses on equipping individuals with information that is relevant to their current situation. Timothy and Jiquay work together to teach principles of meditation, self reflection, self observation, love of self, and others. Timothy is an upcoming visionary strategist for the West Tennessee area and is currently working on his much anticipated book. He, along with his wife, currently facilitates the Language of Life, a monthly community event they designed to discuss the issues that prevent individuals from achieving success, happiness, and living life to its fullest potential.
“The light of knowledge and understanding has the potential to guide mankind into a more advanced state of consciousness. It is our intention to be but a shadow within this light to share with the world in a time of extreme darkness. If you can hear this call within you continue exploring with us. If you choose to ignore this call, continue to sleep in peace.” -Timothy


Jiquay Glenn - MFC Executive Coach

Jiquay Glenn – MFC Executive Coach

Jiquay Glenn is the Co-Founder of Leadership Institute for Transformation and Empowerment located in Jackson, Tn. She has dedicated the last 13 years to teaching spiritual principles that empower individuals to take responsibility for the creation of their own lives. Jiquay fervently believes that living from ones authentic self is the true key to a whole and fulfilling life. Since the age of 5 Jiquay has been groomed to embody the role of a leader by volunteering for leadership roles at church, to quickly climbing the ranks in Air Force R.O.T.C., and later serving her country in the United States Army. No matter what endeavor she pursued her natural ability to lead shined through.
Before she discovered her passion as a life mentor, she obtained a degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice with an emphasis in legal thought from the University of Memphis. During that time she mastered her critical thinking, logic, and conflict resolution skills which she uses daily to inspire her clients to transform their lives. While in college Jiquay received her ministerial license from I. J. Ministries and founded Destiny Place (now Leadership Institute for Transformation and Empowerment) with her husband in 2001. Later, realizing the limitations that the institution of religion embodied and having been inspired by her husband, Jiquay began to branch out and study other modes of spirituality. This mutual branching out led to the birth of Leadership Institute for Transformation and Empowerment, a community based organization that focuses on equipping individuals with information that is relevant to their current situation. Jiquay and Timothy work together to teach principles of meditation, self reflection, self observation, love of self and others. Jiquay, along with her husband facilitate the Language of Life, a monthly community event they designed to discuss the issues that prevent individuals from achieving success, happiness, and living life to its fullest potential.
The driving force behind Jiquay’s passion is seeing the depth of low self esteem and lack of self love that people were unaware they carried through life. Jiquay observed herself (and others) walking through the routine of life not acknowledging the level of unhappiness and pain that was inside. “We are not taught to question why we feel a certain way or believe a particular belief. We are taught to cheer up, count our blessings, and distract ourselves with mundane things along the way. We must learn to question everything. The second I asked myself why, my entire life shifted and led me on this path of auto-didactic spirituality.


Erin Jenkins, MFC Executive Coach

In March 2013, Erin received her Life Coach Certification from Master Force Inc. in Chicago, IL under the personal tutelage of Rita Stewart, better known as the famous Mushemsu-t. Since graduating, she has continued to work with Mut and her team at Master Force Inc. as a board member, embarking on many opportunities to propel our dream of helping others! Erin is a Mentor to coaches in each Life Coach Certification session we offer each season.

During the Summer of 2014, Erin began a journey into the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation, as well as Raising Your Vibration. She then decided to step into her power and light as a teacher and created an 8-week workshop with my fellow Master Force Senior Coach Michael Stagg, specializing in implementing the laws and ideas mentioned above into your every day lifestyle. The goal is to give you the tools to be the master of your domain and create your heart’s desires!

In September 2014, Erin received her Intuitive Counselor Certification from Kristin Marie Rodriguez. She hosts an online course that teaches a variety of intuitive readings and is accredited with the World Metaphysical Association and American Council of Holistic Healers. Check out our Online Store for a full list of readings we offer!


The Closet Coach

The Closet Coach

Teresa has had her hand in several startups since leaving her career of 14 years to include one of her most innovative and lucrative ideas, WILstyle.  A company she started in an effort to transform women’s lives by addressing the necessity to clean/organize their closet.  A metaphor she uses to coach women on the need to make room for new beginnings, take risks and live a fully attainable life.  Her motto is, “ Too much clutter in your closet means too much clutter in your life.”

Teresa Lugo’s life started in her twenties as a model. She worked in corporate America for 10 years. Realizing she was o she decided to open her own boutique, her true passion. In 1996, she opened her first store. La Femmena Boutique which became Oak Park’s number one consignment boutique known for its high end selections. Four years later she opened her second store, E’Stylo Boutique. It became the boutique that really shook the dust off of the street for the trendy clothing she brought in from Los Angeles. She started the “Can’t Wear It and Share It” Campaign to aid financially challenged families in sending their daughter to college. Women would bring their designer clothes to her Consignment shop and all donations would go to that fund. “I loved retail but one day realized that my home was out of order…so I sold one store and closed the other to stay home and be emotionally available for my teenage son.”

Today she volunteers for a women’s center and aids them with money from financial donors. She also works as a Personal Wardrobe Consultant for Neiman Marcus. Her truest passion, however, is to be a part of the “Shift” that is truly needed in this world. “I decided to in order to fulfill this dream and be respected in this industry, I needed to be certified as a Life Coach. I enjoy aiding those that really want to find their true purpose and passion in their lives! I do this by way of workshops and hands on one on one consultations. We must clear out the clutter in our spirits in order to bring out our beauty,  physically as well as emotionally! I really get that a woman wears so many different hats in life and yet still wants to look and feel beautiful doing it, but I also have male clients who desire a more put together look, also!!”

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