Online Courses

The Master Force Life Course – *New Online Course*

  Haven’t you ever thought, there needs to be a course in school that teaches us to deal with the major challenges in life, without losing our minds? Well here at Master Force we have created that very course.  For the past 7 years we have certified over 250 Life Coaches in an innovative right brain technology designed to support individuals mentally, ...

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The Tao of Parenting


At Master Force, we have come to experience the role of parent as a so-called, “Spiritual Path”. We see it as an opportunity for mothers and fathers, to discover the gifts their children came to bring them, in light of the mission they are here to fulfill. We created the “Tao of Parenting” course, as a unique opportunity for parents ...

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Upgrade Your Relationships

Often times we attract the perfect partner, only to deduce them to meeting our ego needs and missing the opportunity to heightened our connection to them, others and the Uni-Verse.  The alarming number of divorces in the world, can be directly related to our refusal to nurture and support the spiritual essence of our union.  Instead, we focus on the ...

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Master Force Family Curriculum

Our Online Courses are Amazing! Master Force has been in the business of providing courses, workshops and retreats for our community since the early 90’s.  Over the years we have come to appreciate that our curriculum is highly beneficial for those who are seeking higher wisdom and connection to their soul. The following online courses are now available to purchase ...

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