Master Force Live – “Ask A Master Force Coach” – 10/23/16

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, on “Master Force Live”, we had a show called, “Ask A Master Force Coach”. Listeners submitted questions and we answered them live on the show.   MASTER FORCE LIVE 10/23/16 – REPLAY   Here are references recommended for your growth and development:   TIMOTHY AND JIQUAY GLENN TALK ABOUT “YOUR SHADOW SELF”   SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS AND ...

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The 13 Gifts Awarded When Growing Up in Poverty

1. Intense Creativity 2. Self Containment 3. Community Oriented 4. Adventure Driven 5. Power of Visualization 6. Oneness With the Uni-Verse (God) 7. Compassion Toward Others 8. Early Spiritual Awakening 9. Beauty is Everywhere 10. Curious Natured 11. Team Player 12. Minimalism 13. Knowledge of Self  

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