Those EviL PeOpLe – They Actually Teach Us to Love!

Growing up in a household of females, where each one of them had issues of self-esteem, money troubles, man problems and PMS, being the youngest, I received more than my share of grief and abuse.  As a matter of fact, in my twenties when I began doing work to heal my soul from the trauma of my childhood, every memory ...

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Master Force Live – “Ask A Master Force Coach” – 10/23/16

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, on “Master Force Live”, we had a show called, “Ask A Master Force Coach”. Listeners submitted questions and we answered them live on the show.   MASTER FORCE LIVE 10/23/16 – REPLAY   Here are references recommended for your growth and development:   TIMOTHY AND JIQUAY GLENN TALK ABOUT “YOUR SHADOW SELF”   SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS AND ...

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I am Jams Affirmation Dance Track

Some children talk to themselves in a negative way and this could have a detrimental effect in how they relate to the learning environment.  This negative self-talk can determine the child’s self-image, self=expression and their all around health and well-being. I am Jams has been created to support your child creating positive conversations and visions for a more productive and ...

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The Tao of Parenting


At Master Force, we have come to experience the role of parent as a so-called, “Spiritual Path”. We see it as an opportunity for mothers and fathers, to discover the gifts their children came to bring them, in light of the mission they are here to fulfill. We created the “Tao of Parenting” course, as a unique opportunity for parents ...

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MFC Tapping CIrcle

Yes we have a tapping circle, and it has nothing to do with sex or dancing. We tap to ease pain, reduce fear, lower stress, squelch hunger cravings, release excess fat, stop a tooth ache, calm a heartache, prepare for a presentation or interview, etc.   If you would like to join our tapping circle in September, when we will tap ...

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No One Compares to You

In our Master Force Curriculum, we spend time delving into the cosmic nature of our being, to assist coaches in staying true to themselves, instead of creating challenges by what others are doing, or not doing. You see, we have all come here with a mission to complete in this particular lifetime.  We have come prepared to complete our tasks, yet we may ...

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