Kundalini Magic For Couples


Discover the sacred power of spiritual sexuality and begin to manifest optimal health and abundant flow in all areas of your life.


You and your mate are invited to discover for yourselves, the difference it makes to harness the power of your sexual union.

In this 6 week eLearning Platform Based Curriculum, you will determine what it is that you and your partner desire for your life and your relationship.  You will examine the power of kundalini magic in your own home, on your own time with results you manifest.

You will receive the session in your inbox and work until completion.  Once you submit your Debrief to your facilitator, it lets them know you are ready for your next session.  So there is no need to be in a hurry.

At any point, that you or your mate have a challenge, or block doing this work, your facilitator will put you in touch with a Master Force Executive Life Coach to assist you.  If sessions are recommended, session discounts will be applied.


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