13 week Online Course

Master Force Life Course – This 13 week course will provide you the tools and resources you require to bring peace, joy and optimal health to your life.  It is a virtual course delivered each week to you email address.  We suggest you have a Gmail account for best delivery



Live an Extraordinary Life Now!

Haven’t you ever thought, there needs to be a course in school that teaches us to deal with the major challenges in life, without losing our minds?

Well here at Master Force we have created that very course.  For the past 7 years we have certified over 250 Life Coaches in an innovative right brain technology designed to support individuals mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Now we have condensed this knowledge so that anyone can access it on their own time and pace it however they like.

The Master Force Life Course is a 13 week course that covers such topics as High Quality Nutrition, Kemetic Sciences, Metaphysics, Mediation, Personal Healing, and more.  This course is delivered via email once a week based on your availability and completion of the previous course.  We start each course on Saturday as it is based in the technology of how our African Ancestors utilized the energy of the cosmic flow.

You may suggest this course to a friend or family member so that you can have a Buddy to take it with.  Otherwise, we will suggest a Buddy for you.  Also, a MFC Mentor will be assigned.  If you require personal coaching for any issues that come up during your coursework, we will put you in touch with a Certified Master Force Coach who will take you on as a client for a reduced rate.

Master Force Coaches are coaches for the Soul!  We get you in touch with your higher essence where you can communicate directly with the Uni-Verse/God/Source, etc.


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