Student Visualization for Academic Achievement Audio System


Student Viz – Use this audio system to steer your student toward academic achievement, personal fulfillment and self-actualization.

We use the MARV Technique in this methodology – meditation, affirmation, relaxation and visualization.

For best results, we recommend that the user listens to this audio as least 30 days throughout the night as they sleep.  Can be used in the daytime with earphones as well.


The Student Visualization for Academic Achievement – Student Viz, is an audio system created to support the student in having a fulfilled academic experience that completely enhances their genius factor.  The outline of this audio system includes: Breathing, Relaxation, Affirmation, Visualization and Leadership.

We suggest listening to this audio system for at least 30 days on repeat as the student sleeps at night.  It is designed to have the listener relax and go to sleep so it is not recommended for day time use unless the student is resting properly.


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