The Tao of Parenting Online Course


The Tao of Parenting Online Course, is a 10-session course that has you discover the soul essence parenting provides for both parents and children.


Children Bring a Slice of Heaven

Children Bring a Slice of Heaven

The Tao of Parenting Course, offers parents the opporutinity to appreciate and forgive their parents, in the event any hurt remains from childhood.

From there, the participant is able to design practices in parenting, that reflect the spiriutal path that it truly is.


Duration: 10 Wks.

Cost: $125.00

Delivery: eLearning Platform


How it Works

  1. On Saturday morning you will receive your sessions in your email.  Gmail works best.
  2. You will open the link to Google Drive, where your course work is hosted.
  3. As you complete each session, you will write a Debrief and email it to your course facilitator.
  4. If coaching is required, a MFC Certified Life Coach is made available to you, at a very reduced rate.


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